Rostocker Digital-Humanities-Team stellt tansatlantisches Projekt "ISEBEL" auf der DHN_2018 in Helsinki vor

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Holger Meyer and Christoph Schmitt:Digging for Belief Legends across Folklore Archives. The ISEBEL Approach

The ISEBEL project („Intelligent Search Engine for Belief Legends“) aims to build an interface for intelligent search and analysis across different national and regional folklore collections. The project is funded by the trans-Atlantic platform „Digging into data“. Three existing online databases have joinded together to program a system that faciliates common search, discovery and analysis. These online archives are: the Dutch Folktale Database (, the Danish Folktale Database ( and the Mecklenburgian Folklore Database ( Folklore circulates on and across social networks. ISEBEL is an attempt to model the complexity of traditional folk expression. The goal of its large-scale data driven analysis is not only to show the dissemination of stories, tale types and motifs, but also to throw light on the dynamics between individuals and their traditions within social, historical and geographical environment. By the example of belief legends, related rites and customs the project develops an international platform offering tools for geosemantic and textbased research. ISEBEL will be extensible to accomodate collections from other countries in different languages and dialects. Computer scientist Holger Meyer and folklorist Christoph Schmitt have been project leaders of WossiDiA, the digital Wossidlo Archive. Its system is based on Hypergraphs which are a powerful representation of complex data. As German project partners of ISEBEL they will illustrate the workflow from building a proprietary regional Online Archive to a mulitlingual interface, which is still in its start-up phase.

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